Dear Person Reading This,

I *heart* my Bitmoji. Not sure what that says about me, but I'll tell you what the brain and heart theme floating around the site is all about.

I feel at home in duality — Logic and Creative Writing were my two favorite classes in college. In the work world, it means being comfortable with nestling up to spreadsheets that have to be exact as much as with kicking ideas around with an art director. And around. And around.

But one more thing about that heart. An old boss of mine said the best thing about me is that I care. Actually, he used more colorful language that involves a four-letter word for poop — but anyway! — I'd have to agree. I really care. About the client, co-workers, the work itself, and getting it right. So there.


PS: If you're into Clifton Strengths, they've labeled me thusly: Futuristic, Activator, Connectedness, Positivity, Achiever. Yup!

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Organized and produced Content Summit with Kevin Nichols: Used a key industry player to socialize Content Strategy Best Practices across the enterprise. Kevin and I also collaborated on an Editorial Guide instructing writers how to write for guests on the go.
Established/Led Content Strategy Best Practices Club to foster collaboration between UX positions (user experience architects, analytics, designers) and enterprise-level groups (taxonomy, social, content marketing)
Created/Maintained Best Practices repository of CS deliverable templates to support consistency and efficiency
Established Meditation group and Mindfulness presentation series


Emily is a superb content strategist who embodies the right mix of strategic and tactical thinking to embrace the role. She is also a wonderful person with whom to work.

Kevin Nichols
Executive Director, Experience, Avenue CX
Emily's professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and speed allowed our partners to seamlessly populate an entire Hotel Detail micro-site in record time!

Jeffery Jones
Web Delivery CSPO, IHG
Emily's real good at writing headlines, TV spots, websites, presentation decks and statement stuffers. There are a lot of writers who aren't. In fact, that's exactly why I hired her.

John Spalding
Creative Director, Ogilvy South
When David Letterman listed the top 10 things that are awesome about Emily, it went something like this... Drum roll...

1) Positive in the face of impossible timelines
2) Always makes sure all the loose ends are covered
3) Gives a damn and takes the time to learn a client's business including the nuances of their products
4) Willing to jump in and lead anything from a photo shoot to part of a pitch
5) Grammar
6) Knows just about everyone and knows the perfect person to pull in on a project
7) Clients love her and love to work with her
8) Adorkable
9) Wildly creative and willing to dig for the right idea
10) Fights during Scrabble games over whether "Yo" is a real word

Mason Poe
Creative Director, Edgar Allan